Energy price spike in Europe, coal shortage in India: Are we seeing a global energy crisis?

France, Spain and Poland are among the EU member states urging Brussels to intervene in energy marketplaces as wholesale gas costs soar to record levels, hitting organizations and families. The European Union seeks to maintain plans to handle climate change on monitor amid record-high energy prices. But it is clear that poorer households have to be supported in some way.

European nations are not alone in their battle with energy-supply. India is dealing with a crunch in coal, following a surge in demand. Energy producers there incorporate lately added over 28 million buyers, primarily lower-middle class and poor, who are purchasing goods like fans, lights and Television sets. It is not just increasing demand. Current monsoon rains flooded mines and disrupted transport. That delivered coal rates up sharply for power stations. Coal produces almost 70 percent of India`s electrical energy. Three-quarters of the fuel is mined domestically. State operate huge Coal India generates most of the country’s supply … and claims it is now a ‘war-footing’ to make sure deliveries. However supplies for further more than half of coal fired vegetation are at a crucial level.


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