They found WHAT underground?  Strange Ancient Artifacts Unearthed in India| Praveen Mohan |

Today we are going to discuss about some surprising ancient artifacts discovered in India. Let us watch this clip. The person who sent me this clip states that this was identified in an archeological site known as Keeladi, however I do not believe that this was discovered in that site. Keeladi is a safe archeological site and simply archeologists can dig in that site. Just by seeking at how hundreds of people are pulling up this ancient statue, we can understand it was discovered somewhere else, accidentally while digging the ground for home construction or a water well. Most archeological reveals are done accidentally by locals, you can see how thrilled people are. This is certainly an antique statue, most likely around a thousand years old. This statue exhibits Shiva, in a specific form known as Nataraja, and bronze statues of this design and style mostly belong to the period of Imperial Chola dynasty who ruled about a 1000 years ago.


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