Minerals in India | Indian Geography Summary | UPSC CSE 2020 | Byomkesh Meher

Geography Summary Of Minerals in India

This lesson video begins with a conversation on the “Minerals in India” from the “Indian Geography Series”. Additionally will consider a glimpse into the Initial examination and expected inquiries from these subjects. Credits Supplier or Manufacturer from India? Register FREE and List Your products

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How This Electricity-Free Fridge Saved An Indian Ceramics Factory | Big Business

Electricity Free Fridge Made in India

The founder of Mitticool ceramics In 2001, discovered plenty of of his consumers in India do not have regular access to electricity. Therefore he invented a fridge manufactured out of clay. It keeps food items Eight degrees cooler than the outside the house air, however it does not require any electric power to function. Although …

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Crops of India | Indian Agriculture | ONE SHOT | For JKSSB JKPSC NDA UPSC|By Tawqeer Sir


In this video clip, I will talk about Indian agriculture and the various crops produced in India. I in addition discuss about the different crop seasons such as Kharif, Rabi and Zaid crops. 2 thirds of India’s population is engaged in agricultural routines. It is a fundamental activity, which results in food grains and raw …

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India's CHEAPEST Furniture Market (Found REAL @Fabindia Products!)

Cheapest Furniture Market in India

Banjara Market in Gurugram is the biggest and cheapest furniture market place in India. You will additionally discover the very similar products offered in large shops like Fabindia there for bargain prices. It is an antique hunters dream. Banjara is operate by “Banjaras” or Nomads in English. They have established up their stores there and …

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