India's largest Precision Farm - Simply Fresh | 140 Acre Modern Agriculture Farm

140 Acre Modern Agriculture Farm In India

Watch out a 140 Acres, state of the art facility that grows refreshing produce and medicinal plant for nutraceutical raw materials utilizing precision farming techniques. Conveniently Fresh focuses on Cost-effective Food Safety, Traceability, Consistent High quality Assurance, and Sustainable Farming Patterns to grow all the produce. At Simply Fresh new, the seeds are acquired throughout …

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Exploring Asia's Largest Electronics Market #NehruPlace

Nehru Place Market – Largest Computer Market

We check out the computer retailers and super cheap foodstuff at Nehru Place market after relocating undercover to view all the counterfeit products getting offered. Nehru Place Computer Market is touted as largest electronics marketplace… I am not confident exactly how accurate that is. Credits Supplier or Manufacturer from India? Register FREE and List Your …

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