Top 10 Laboratory Equipment Suppliers in India

Check out the Top 10 Lab equipment manufacturers and suppliers in India especially focus on Research & Development and Quality Control area in order to meet the demand for a vast spectrum of industries. Kaypee Udyog is the foremost laboratory equipment manufacturer, supplier, and exporter in India. We offer the best lab equipment providers in India. Our products and solutions are sourced from well-known companies and distributed all over India.

Our products consist of the laboratory and scientific medical instruments which includes autoclaves, sterilizers, ovens, incubators, hotplates, centrifuges, BOD, Humidity cabinet, Stability Chambers, Environmental Chambers, Laminar Air Flow, Bio Safety Cabinet, Dispensing & sampling booth, Fume Hood, Table Dissolution, Tablet Disintegration, Friability, ph meter, Conductivity meter, Spectrophotometer, Microscopes, etc.


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