6 Stages of Purification Technology with large tank capacity. Stages of purification are: 1) I-Filtration, 2) Chemi Block, 3) Mambrane Life Enhancer, 4) RO Membrane, 5) Taste Adjuster (MDTS), 6) UV-C Purification.
UV-C Purification ensures that every drop of water is as healthy & safe as water boiled for 20 minutes. Input Water Turbidity (Max) : 15 NTU (max)
Taste Adjuster (MTDS) controller enables adjustment of taste depending upon the source of water
Flexible Installation- The purifier can be easily wall mounted or kept on the counter top
Convenient Features: a) High Storage Capacity b) LED indication alerts when tank is full, when service is due & when cartridges need replacement c) Transparent tank allows you to check water levels easily d) Purified stored water can be dispensed even without electricity
Warranty available for 1 year
Water Saving: This Aquaguard water purifier saves Upto 60%, water-Ordinary water purifiers end up wasting 50-75% water. Aquaguard water purifiers with superior technology purify water and regulate its taste to save up to 60%* water.
Booster Pump is required for the functioning of water purifier in case of inlet water pressure being less than 0.3kg/cm sq. Available through our service technician at an additional cost.

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