Form : GEL
Packing Type : Flip-Top
Features : Natural

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Donum Naturals Hand Sanitizer is top-of-the-line approach to kill 99.9% germs immediately without water.Its enriched with crucial oils to nourish & offer protection to you from dryness. It leaves your hands refreshed and smelling great. Use Anytime, Anywhere for hassle-free cleanliness. Benefits: Requires less time than washing Hands Quickly kills microorganisms on hands Are more accessible than sinks Preserves skin’s natural oils Less risk for diseases Caution: Steer clear of Hand Sanitizers that contain cheap sorts of alcohol as they wash away the outside’s natural oils and can lead to the outside to crack, which in term creates an entry point for bacteria.

Form : GEL
Packing Type : Flip-Most sensible
Features : Natural
Type : Hand Sanitizer
Purpose : Antibacterial

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