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International sockets and indicator
Suitable for different types of plugs used around the world in 150 countries
Voltage: 240 volts

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Travel multi plug (pack of 4) The Perfect Traveller’s Companion A should-have for every traveller today, the GM 3 pin universal shuttle multi plug is an essential and handy item. Given the different kinds of electronics and switches available in hotel rooms, this 3 pin shuttle plug permits you to use your devices and appliances with any kind of plug boards. It has been designed with a grounding functionality, suitable for use in over 150 countries. But even so being aesthetically designed, the GM 3 pin universal shuttle multi plug weighs less than 60g, making it convenient to drop into your handbag. The GM Modular’s universal 3 pin plug also features an indicator that lights up when in use. Protect Your Electronic Devices The GM 3 pin plug with surge protector comes with a unique advantage, an inbuilt surge suppressor sometimes called Varistor. It thus protects your electronic items like your laptop or mobile from any electrical short circuits and absorbs any minor surge in the voltage. Adding to some great benefits of this 240 volt 3 pin plug are the 2 pin sockets on top as well as at the bottom of the multi plug. This universal 3 pin plug with a built-in spike protection safety shutter ensures that you’ll concurrently use your laptop and charge your mobile phone safely.

International sockets and indicator
Suitable for various kinds of plugs used around the globe in 150 countries
Voltage: 240 volts
Frequency: 60 hertz

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    • 9 months ago

    Its an awesome product, great deal. Overall a great product at this price range.. go for it!

    • 9 months ago

    The item and the design are very cool. Also the support is amazing, they always help you with any detail that you have.

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