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Mini 3 Pin – Universal Adatptor.
13 AMP Max Load.
Sultable – For All Kinds Of Plugs.

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GM Presents:- This 240 volt 2 pin plug comes with an indicator so that you know if your gadget is getting the required electric supply. Moreover, this surge protector stabilizes the glide of electricity to your appliances by blocking unwanted spikes in voltage. Your gadgets will stay secure from hazards of voltage spikes and power outages with this 2 pin plug with surge protector. It also comes with a safety shutter to prevent the entry of dirt and little prying fingers into the socket holes. With its universal functionality, this 2 pin plug with safety shutter is very useful all through foreign go back and forth.

Product Information:-
Light indicator : This adapter features a light indicator just below the power switch to assist you to know when the deviced is powered on or off. The light indicator turns red when powered on.
Compatability : This adapter is universally compatible. It is compatible with a couple of plugs of different countries.
Caution :Do not use high powered items such as heaters, iron, hair dryers, kettle, and so on. No adapter is suitable for high powered items as there may be overheating or not enough power left for the other sockets.
Two-pin Functionality : This GM universal 2 pin plug is an invaluable electrical accessory that helps you connect your expensive electrical appliances to normal sockets. It comes with Indian and international points so your have no hassles connecting Indian or international adapters to charge phones or laptops. Designed as per universal standards for plugs and voltage, this GM 2 pin universal go back and forth multi plug provides your devices with a voltage of 240V and frequency of 60Hz. With its 2-pin functionality, you’ll be able to connect two devices concurrently instead of connecting them to two different sockets.

Mini 3 Pin – Universal Adatptor.
13 AMP Max Load.
Sultable – For All Kinds Of Plugs.
6 Pin – Multi Plug Adaptar.

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    It’s far better than those similar products, while the price is still acceptable.

    • 1 month ago (Edit)

    Thank you guys for this amazing creation! Absolutely mind-blowing!

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