Made in India with automated advanced European technology
Toughened Extra Strong – Advanced technology used during the tempering process, ensures far greater resistance to impact & thermal shock, making the wares stronger.
Break Resistant – Toughened by a specific thermal treatment called tempering, these products are 3 times more resistant to thermal shocks, breakages & chipping.

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Made in India
Toughened Further Sturdy; Thermal Shock Resistant
Break, Chip & Scratch Resistant
Super Gentle & Stackable
Microwave & Dishwasher Protected
Food grade, 100 % hygienic
Bone Ash Free – one hundred% Vegetarian
Packed in protecting thermocol packaging
Package Contents: 6N Cup (a hundred and sixty ml) & 6N Saucer (135 mm)
The Cup & Saucer Set Pack symbol is for reference most effective

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