Made in India
Toughened Extra Strong; Thermal Shock Resistant, This extra strong dinner set is thin and light in weight.
Break, Chip & Scratch Resistant

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Made in India
Toughened Additional Robust; Thermal Shock Resistant
Break, Chip & Scratch Resistant
Super Mild & Stackable
Microwave & Dishwasher Secure
Food grade, 100 % hygienic
Bone Ash Free – one hundred% Vegetarian
Packed in protecting thermocol packaging
Package Contents: 6N Full Plate (250 mm), 6N Quarter Plate (180 mm), 6N Vegetable Bowl (175 ml), 6N Soup Bowl (270 ml), 6N Spoon, 2N Serving Bowl (850 ml), 1N Spherical Rice Plate (280 mm) & 2N Salt and Pepper Pot
The Dinner Set Pack symbol is for reference best

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