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Made in India
Toughened Extra Strong; Thermal Shock Resistant
Break, Chip & Scratch Resistant

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The stain resistant, non-porous and non-toxic material used in La Opala dinnerware makes it a durable and versatile set even for everyday or occasional use. Perfect in its simple design and lightweight nature for ease of use, this chip-resistant La Opala Diva Mystrio black dinner set is a great buy. The 19-piece dinner set comes with six full-sized dinner plates, six quarter plates, one serving bowl and six small bowls. A blend of floral and abstract designs on the plates and bowls help bring a unique observation to the tablespace. Dine the use of fine dinnerware that blends in with the rest of your dinner décor. Shop for the La Opala dinnerware and enjoy everyday meals. Made for Extensive Use : The Mystrio is the latest range of elegant dinnerware from La Opala’s Diva collection. Each dinner set from this range assures class, quality and durability. Unlike most other glassware, you want not stack away your Diva collection for occasional use. Easy to clean and handle, you’ll be able to use it daily for your snacks and meals. But even so being chip resistant and stain resistant, it is light weight in nature. Made from material free from bone ash, it is completely Secure for your health. Being non-reactant to heat and chemicals, this can be a safer choice over plastic and melamine-base dinnerware. As the Diva collection is microwave and dishwasher-Secure, you’ll be able to do the dishes without having to worry about breaking them. 19-piece Set to Serve a Multiple Course Meal : This 19 piece dinner set is complete in itself and can serve a family of up to six members. It includes full plates measuring 270 mm each which can be utilized to serve the main course. Additionally, the 6 quarter plates measuring 190 mm can be utilized for serving appetisers, side dishes or light snacks. The small bowls can be utilized to serve curries, soups or desserts. It is usually a serving bowl to make storing and serving of food more convenient.

Made from 100% vegetarian material, bone ash free
Made from toughened extra-strong and scratch resistant material
Crafted from superior quality Opal glass
Package Contents: 6-Pieces Full Plates (27cm). 6-Pieces Quarter Plates (19cm), 6-Pieces Vegetable Bowls (110ml), 1-Piece Medium Serving Bowl (1.5L)
Microwave Secure ,Dishwasher Secure

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    I rarely leave a comment, but this item is beyond worth it! Gotta let you guys know!

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