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The Ivory Collection by Diva from LaOpala is a unique design solution to unite diverse consumer preferences. It used to be the first to elevate tableware quality standards to an international level. This range boasts of whiter, lighter & stronger products which don’t seem to be only 100% vegetarian but also Secure to make use of in the Microwave & Dishwasher

Made in India Diva Deep Plate 8 inch or 20 cm
Toughened Extra Strong – Advanced technology used all through the tempering process, ensures far greater resistance to have an effect on & thermal shock, making the wares stronger.
Break Resistant – Toughened by a specific thermal remedy known as tempering, these products are 3 times more resistant to thermal shocks, breakages & chipping.
Microwave Secure & Dishwasher Secure – Since these products are tempered, they’re resistant to thermal & mechanical shocks, hence Secure to make use of in the Microwave & Dishwasher
Bone Ash Free; 100% Vegetarian – The chemical components used in the manufacturing process does not contain any Bone Ash, thus making the entire wares 100% vegetarian.

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