100 percent bone ash free
Extra strong – toughened glass
Light weight


Larah by Borosil presents Opalware sets with chic designs. Opalglass is 100 % bone ash free, thus have compatibility for vegetarians. It is usually Gentle weight and chip resistance making is appropriate for day-to-day use.

100 % bone ash free
Extra robust – toughened glass
Gentle weight
Dishwasher protected
Microwave protected
Chip resistance
Color: White
Subject matter: Opalware
Color: White, Subject matter: Opalware
Package Contents: 4-Piece 11″ Full Plates, 4-Piece 7″ Quarter Plates, 4-Piece 4.5″ Veg Bowls, 1-Piece 8″ Serving Bowls

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