Care Instructions: Non Washable
Fit Type: Standard Fit
Maykaj Mask Certified by ISO, CE & GMP


Maykaj Masks are surgical masks suitable for one-time use handiest. They provide utmost protection and luxury with the tie-on ear loops that may be adjusted accordingly. Product of breathable inner & outer non-woven layer with a melt-blown filter out provides 99% bacteria filtration efficiency.all Kind adjustable and luxury for noes and smooth straps and luxury mask comfort with dotted pattern edges for soft feel

Care Instructions: Non Washable
Have compatibility Kind: Same old Have compatibility
Maykaj Mask Certified by ISO, CE & GMP
Untouched Surgical Mask:- Maykaj Virus Free Fully Automatic Machine Made Human Contact Less Mask.
Softness:- Maykaj Mask Is Too Soft And Breathable Which Will Now not Hamper To Your Skin.

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