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Surge Protector and Safety Shutter:-

The multi-plug comes equipped with a surge protector and safety shutter. These safety measures present in the multi-plugs protects your devices from power fluctuations.

International Sockets:-

This multi-plug is equipped with international sockets. Subsequently these multi-plugs are of compatible with all power cords and are convenient to make use of.

Indicator Light:-

This multi-plug comes with an indicator light that glows every time the plug is attached to a power source indicating that It’s working appropriately. This light indicator makes this multi-plug

convenient to make use of.

4-way power plug:-

This adapter has four power plugs. It features two 2 pin plug points at the top corner and two 3 pin plug points at the front face. It has a 3 pin Indian plug at the back for electrical input.


This adapter is universally compatible. It’s compatible with a couple of plugs in different countries.


Do not use high powered items such as heaters, iron, hairdryers, kettle, and so forth. No adapter is suitable for high powered items as there could also be overheating or not enough power left for the other sockets.

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    • 3 weeks ago (Edit)

    Wished I had found this sooner, it took me a lot of money and time until I found my dream product here!

    • 1 month ago (Edit)

    Been using it for a while, I usually don’t write a review but this time I am truly convinced to write.

    • 1 month ago (Edit)

    I was thinking whether to buy from your site or not but finally I placed my order and I am amazed with the quality of your product.

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