Reward Points: Reward points are the points you earn on different actions on this website. These reward points you can use to get discount on paid memberships.

100 Rewards Points = 1

You gets the Reward Points on the following actions:

  1. You Earn 1000 Reward Points When you Register on this website
  2. You Earn 10 Reward Points When you login into your account every day.
  3. You Earn 1000 Reward Points on your first order.
  4. On every membership purchase you will earn the following points:
    Basic Membership 100 = 1000 Points
    Business Membership 500 = 5000 Points
    Premium Membership 1000 = 10000 Points
  5. You Earn 100 Reward Points on your first review on products or posts.
  6. You Earn 50 Reward Points When you give extra reviews on products or posts.
  7. You Earn 1000 Reward Points on your birthday When you add your birthday in your reward points page birthday column.
  8. You Earn 1000 Reward Points When you share your affiliate link with your friends and your friend register on this website and buys a membership. (Note: if your friend doesn’t buys a membership then you will not get any reward points).
  9. Your Rewards Points will be added automatically.

Check your Reward Points Here
Reward Points Expiry: Every user reward points expires in 365 Days. Use your reward points before the expiry.

Levels: By default on registration every user gets Level 1. User level increases depends on the reward points mentioned for each level. There are total 10 Levels available for users.