Safety tips for deal: Whether you are a Supplier or a Buyer it is always advised to take some precautions when you make online deals. There are so many Scammers who tries to cheat people online.

Whenever you gets an email or calls and deals with a buyer or supplier then take the following precautions before and during the meeting.

  1. Mention your terms and conditions of payment, delivery and other things clearly before making any deal
  2. Use a safe location to meet the seller or buyer
  3. Avoid any cash transactions
  4. Beware of unrealistic offers (Example: if somebody offers you higher price of your product or says can buy your product in large quantity)
  5. Take proof of your conversation and communication with buyer or supplier.
  6. Beware of International buyers offers (Example: some scammers uses whatsapp or telegram or email to contact the suppliers and cheats online)
  7. Beware of PayTm scam (Example: some buyers says they are transferring you money through PayTm and then asks you to click on a link they sent to you through WhatsApp or Telegram or Email)
  8. If any buyer ask you to install any payment app or shares any download link or app link with you then do not download or click such links. Sometimes scammers and hackers uses such links to hack your devices or computer and or can withdraw money from your accounts without your permission.
  9. Buyers should check the product quality prior before making the payment. only providing a platform to every Indian Citizen to list their products for Sale and we aren’t involved in any kind of deals between a buyer or Supplier/ Manufacturer. Therefore it is advised to take necessary precautions whenever you deal online.

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