Products listing is very easy you just have to fill up the product information form. But if you want to increase maximum business queries then take the following steps during your products listings.

1. Single Product Single Listing: Post a single product in a single listing instead of listing all products in a single listing.
For example:

yes icons
  • Black Colour Cotton Shirt
Single Product in a Single Listing
no icons
  • Black, Red, Green, Blue Colours Cotton Shirts
Multiple Products in a Single Listing

2. Product Title: Use a unique product title that describe your product clearly.
For example:

yes icons
  • Rose Perfume Supplier from Delhi
Single Product and it describes the seller is a supplier and from Delhi
no icons
  • Rose, Jasmine, Sandalwood Perfume
Multiple Products and doesn’t describe the seller is a supplier or manufacturer or distributor and also doesn’t describe the location of the seller.

3. Product Price: Product Price saves customer time and help the customer to decide to send query to the seller. Therefore it is a good practice to mention price of the product.

  1. If your product price doesn’t changes for months then use “Fixed Price” Option and mention the price of the product.
  2. If you can reduce the price of the product as per buyers requirement or on bulk orders then use “Negotiable” Price Option of the product.
  3. If you do not want to mention the price of your product and want to tell the price on phone call only then choose “Price on Call” option.
  4. If your product price changes frequently then choose “Price Range” Option of the product and mention the minimum to maximum price range.
  5. If you do not want to show the price then choose “Disabled” option.

4. Product Description: Product description helps the users to understand exactly what you are selling. Try to mention the important points that classifies your product.

  • At least 100 words long description is very helpful
  • Mention important features of the product
  • mention sizes
  • mention colors
  • mention quality
  • mention warranty or guranttee
  • mention after sale services etc…

5. Product Images: Online products listing increases when you list your Product with images. Buyers first finds product by keywords and then find products by the photos of the products. Therefore product with images gets maximum attentions and trust of the buyers.

  • At least attach 3 Images with your every product
  • Use product photos show different Angles of the products
  • Use White background photos of your products
  • Never use copyrighted photos taken from internet

6. Contact Information: Complete contact information helps the buyers to find the local suppliers and manufacturers.

  • Mention at least 1 Phone Number in contact details
  • Mention Complete Address