10 Eco-Friendly Building Materials | Sustainable Design

Top Eco Friendly Building Materials

In this article are some eco-friendly building materials that can substitute concrete and steel. These types of sustainable materials come from sources you would never have thought such as seaweed, mushrooms and even coffee. They make it possible for designers and engineers to build eco-friendly structures with a minimal carbon footprint. Credits Supplier or Manufacturer …

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10 Automation Testing Tools That every QA Should Know.(With MindMap).[2020 Edition]

Best Automation Testing Tools

In this video, I am heading to examine the best 10 Automation Tools that you really should learn as QA/SDET. Automation testing is a Computer software testing procedure to test and evaluate the authentic outcome with the expected outcome. This can be accomplished by composing test scripts or employing any automation testing software. Test automation …

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100 Different Types of Vehicles in English

100 Types of Vehicles in English for Kids

In this video, we include a huge list of different types of vehicles. We incorporate not only planes, trains, and automobiles, as the old video comedy said, but buses, boats, and even a bulldozer and backhoe. Some of these kinds of vehicles may have different names in different English-speaking countries, however all these names should …

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