Banned Products and Services:

Members are advised to do not list any of the products or items mentioned below. Following type of products, items and services are completely banned to be listed on

  • Banned Drugs
  • Banned Medicines
  • Banned Livestocks
  • Banned Plants/ Seeds
  • Sex Toys
  • Sex Products
  • Weapons
  • Guns
  • Banned/ Dangerous Chemicals or Chemical Products
  • Duplicate Product of any famous brand
  • Pirated Software
  • Pirated Movies CD/ DVD
  • All other items banned in India

We have included banned items in this list as per the information we have. But still, we own the right to include any other banned product or item if not listed in this list and come to our knowledge.

In case any item that is approved by our team but later found that the posted product or item is a banned item then such product or item will be removed immediately. User discretion is advised. Even if you bought any paid membership you still not allowed to post any banned items.

Banned items list is updated time to time and subject to change without any prior notice.