Physical Properties of Metals and Nonmetals - Part 1 | Don't Memorise

Metals and Nonmetals Physical Properties Part 1

We have encountered the words ‘METALS’ and ‘NON-METALS’ numerous times. Can you search around and check out if they exist in your surroundings? What is your desk manufactured of Metal Or wooden? What about the cellphone or the computer you are viewing this online video on? To understand that, consider a sneak peek into this …

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Metals and Non Metals Video  | Properties and Uses | What are metals and non metals?

Metals and Non-Metals Properties and Uses

Find out the Metals and Non Metals with this video clip. The materials present around us are grouped broadly into metals and non-metals. Those materials which own the characteristic of being hard, malleable, bright, fusible, ductile and so on are known as metal. For example: iron, gold, aluminum, copper and so on. Those materials which …

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