Introducing our newest feature – Hassle-free Product Listing!

Are you tired of spending hours manually listing products on your website? Look no further! Our hassle-free product listing feature is here to make your life easier.

As a valued member of our website, you will have the opportunity to provide us with a list of your items in an excel file along with images, and we will take care of the rest. We will upload all your products on our website for you, saving you time and effort.

Don’t waste your precious time on tedious and time-consuming manual listings. Let us handle it for you and focus on growing your business. Sign up for our website membership today and take advantage of this amazing feature.


Follow These Easy Steps:

Step 1: Download the following Excel File and Prepare it adding your all products and required information.
Excel File size limit – 10Mb Maximum

Step 2: Download the following Zip Fileto know how to Name your product. Every Product requires 1 Photo and it is required to give the same name as the Product Name. Product images can only be in these two formats (JPG or PNG).
Zip or Rar File size limit – 10Mb Maximum

(If your images zip or rar file size is more than 10Mb then upload it to Google Drive or Dropbox or any other file storage website and share the link with us in the form.)

Step 3: After preparing your product’s excel list and images zip file Click here to fill up the required information and upload it.

That’s it.

Our team will check your uploaded product’s excel file and images zip file. If everything is perfect we will list all of your products and will confirm with you by email. If your product’s excel file and the images zip file are not proper then we will inform you and you will have to correct it and resubmit.

Important Note:

  1. This facility is available only for the Members bought any of the Paid Memberships (Basic, Business or Premium Membership)
  2. In excel file only list the products as per the membership package you have purchased.
    Basic Membership – only 100 Products in excel file
    Business Membership – only 500 Products in excel file
    Premium Membership – only 1000 Products in excel file
  3. We will add only one image of each product. If you have multiple images then you will have to upload other images by yourself.
  4. We owns the right to reject to upload to list your products list for the following reasons:
    a. If you have not bought any “Paid Membership
    b. If your products excel list is Incomplete
    c. If images name is not in proper order as mentioned
    d. If images are not in these formats (JPG or PNG)
    e. If you are not Indian or not Resides in India
    f. If your Products falls into “Banned Products” List
    g. If your Products, Content and Images violates any “Terms & Conditions” of our website
    h. Or any other reason not mentioned above