There are different types of listings available on

  1. FREE Listing
  2. Paid Listings (Memberships)
  3. Top Listings
  4. Featured Listings
  5. Bump-Up Listings

FREE Listings:

At the time of registration every user gets 3 FREE Listings. These listings are free and have no charges.

Paid Listing (Memberships)

Paid Listings (Memberships):

There are 3 types of Memberships available at

  • Basic Membership
  • Business Membership
  • Premium Membership

These memberships has extra advantages like

  • you can add upto 1000 products
  • you can highlight your products
  • you can featured your products
  • you can move your listing from back to front

Check the available memberships, features and pricing. Click here

Top Listing

Top Listings:

Top listings appears on the top of the listing page and highlighted with yellow background and has a Top Label on product listing in orange color.

top listing

Featured Listing

Featured Listings:

Featured listings are highlighted in red on the corner and has a Featured label on product listing in green color.

featured listing

Bump-Up Listing

Bump-Up Listings:

Bump-Up listings moves your product on the first position on the first page of listings. It is highlighted with a Ultimate label on product listing in purple color.

bump up listing