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Unveiling the Powerhouse: John Deere 5405 CRDI 4th Gen Tractor Redefines Performance in Indian Conditions

In the realm of agriculture, efficiency and reliability are paramount. Meet the latest innovation from John Deere tailored specifically for Indian conditions – the 5405 CRDI 4th Gen Tractor. Light in weight yet heavy on performance, these tractors set a new standard with enhanced horsepower, comfort, reliability, efficiency, and reduced noise levels.

Power-Packed Performance:
Equipped with 63 horsepower John Deere PowerTech engines, these tractors deliver unrivaled performance while complying with current noise and fuel emissions standards. The self-adjusting dry main drive clutch ensures smooth engagements and long-lasting performance, while the 12 + 4 speed gearbox offers versatility to tackle various tasks with ease.

Comfort Redefined:
Step onto the wider platform of a 5405 Series open operator station and experience a new level of comfort and control. With logically laid-out controls within easy reach and a clutter-free design, operators can focus on the task at hand without distractions. The isolated platform with silent block suspension ensures minimal operating noise, maintaining a serene environment even during long hours in the field.

Innovative Engine Technology:
John Deere leads the industry with the latest engine technology, delivering proven high torque performance when it matters most. With higher torque back-up of up to 33% and a rated engine speed of 2100 rpm, these tractors offer improved fuel economy, reduced noise levels, and enhanced comfort for operators.

The John Deere 5405 CRDI 4th Gen Tractor represents a new era of performance and efficiency in Indian agriculture. With its powerful engine, ergonomic design, and advanced technology, it is poised to revolutionize farming operations across the country. Trust in John Deere for dependable performance and experience the difference firsthand with the 5405 CRDI 4th Gen Tractor.

Powertrain effi ciency is optimized by matching engine performance to the transmission that’s best suited to your operations. John deere offers a selection of transmission solution solutions, and the option of 2Wd or 4Wd,

John Deere John Deere 5405

2WD & 4WD :- 63 HP (46 kW), 2100 RPM, 3 Cylinder, Direct injection, Turbo charged, Inline FIP, coolant cooled with over flow reservoir

Air Filter :- Dry type, dual element
Clutch :- Dual
Gear Box :- 12 Forward + 4 Reverse, Collarshift, TSS
Speeds :- Forward 2.0 – 32.6 kmph Reverse 3.5 – 22.9 kmph

Brakes :- Self Adjusting, Self Equalising, Hydraulically Actuated, Oil immersed disc brakes
HYDRAULICS Maximum Lifting Capacity :- 2000 kgf
3 Point Linkage :- Category II, Automatic depth & draft control (ADDC)

Steering :- Power Steering, Tilt Steering : tiltable upto 25⁰ with lock latch
Type :- Independent, 6 splines
RPM :- Dual PTO Standard: 540 @ 2100 RPM Economy: 540 @ 1600 RPM

Fuel Tank Capacity :- 68 L
Front :- 6.5 x 20 (0.17 x 0.51 m), 8PR 11.2 x 24 (0.28 x 0.61 m), 8 PR 9.5 x 24 (0.24 x 0.61 m), 8 PR
Rear :- 16.9 x 30 (0.43 x 0.76 m), 12 PR 16.9 x 28 (0.43 x 0.71 m), 12 PR 16.9 x 30 (0.43 x 0.76 m), 12 PR 16.9 x 28 (0.43 x 0.71 m), 12 PR

Electrical System :- 88 Ah, 12 V Battery, 40 Amp. Alternator, 2.5 kW Starter motor
Total Weight:- 2280 kg 2570 kg
Wheel base :- 2050 mm 2050 mm
Overall length :- 3515 mm 3585 mm
Overall width :- 1870 mm 1910 mm
Ground Clearance :- 0425 mm 0425 mm
Turning radius with brakes :- 3181 mm 3181 mm

Optional Accessories :- Ballast Weights Canopy A1:E35Canopy holder Draw bar Wagon hitch


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