Best Air Cooler In India 2021 ⚡ Best Air Cooler in India Under 10000 ⚡

Top Air Coolers In India Under 10000

Summer has already started in India and Air Coolers are the best and cheapest solution in summer. Within this video I will discuss about the ideal air coolers in India. Presenting some of the top Air Coolers after a comprehensive research and after examining Best Air Cooler for Home and offices in India. I will …

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How This Electricity-Free Fridge Saved An Indian Ceramics Factory | Big Business

Electricity Free Fridge Made in India

The founder of Mitticool ceramics In 2001, discovered plenty of of his consumers in India do not have regular access to electricity. Therefore he invented a fridge manufactured out of clay. It keeps food items Eight degrees cooler than the outside the house air, however it does not require any electric power to function. Although …

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Best AC in India 2021 ⚡ Should you Really buy in September or December? ⚡ THINK AGAIN

Best Air Conditioners AC in India

In this video I will discuss about Best Air Conditioners AC in India 2021. I will provide you the information about the best Air Conditioners AC you can purchase in the off season of 2021. I will furthermore explain to you the most important details of Air Conditioners AC in India which are of the …

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Best of CES 2020 | Consumer Electronics Show, Las Vegas

Consumer Electronics Show – Best of CES

Here’s a glimpse of excellent CES 2020. Apart from OnePlus Concept One with hiding cameras, Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite and rollable TVs, this year’s CES highlighted some insane, unique and sophisticated tech such as smart yoga mat and a lot more. As we strolled throughout the Las Vegas Convention Centre to scan for fascinating products …

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