Energy price spike in Europe, coal shortage in India: Are we seeing a global energy crisis?

A Price War On Energy Coal Shortage in India

France, Spain and Poland are among the EU member states urging Brussels to intervene in energy marketplaces as wholesale gas costs soar to record levels, hitting organizations and families. The European Union seeks to maintain plans to handle climate change on monitor amid record-high energy prices. But it is clear that poorer households have to …

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India: The Hub of Global Automation | The Imagine Series | Automation Anywhere

The Hub of Business Automation

Automation Anywhere Chief Revenue Officer Ankur Kothari describes what’s powering India toward becoming the capital for business process automation. As organization growth proceeds to increase, the country of India stands prepared to become the hub of business automation, thanks to its worldwide centers connecting huge enterprises around the world. Discover what’s behind this opportunity. Credits …

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