INDIA's #1 TURMERIC VERTICAL FARMING | Soil Based | 100 Acre's Production In 1 Acre

In this video, we’ll take you on a tour of the AS AGRI & AQUA LLP GHOTI PROJECT LAYOUT. We’ll show you various aspects such as Turmeric Polyhouse, Biofloc System, Pond, Fish Farming, Turmeric Vertical Farming, and more. We’ll also explain in detail how soil-based turmeric vertical farming is done. We’ll talk to the tour guide about the benefits of turmeric farming, what is curcumin, and the advantages of having curcumin in turmeric.

AS Agri and Aqua LLP, established in March 2018, is widely recognized as a pioneer in Hi-tech Soil-Based Vertical Farming in India. The company is led by 12 hardworking and dedicated professionals from various industries who have come together with a common goal of promoting innovative agricultural techniques and ensuring a sustainable, self-reliant, and dignified lifestyle for Indian farmers.

The Need for Hi-Tech Soil-Based Vertical Farming

With the global population increasing at unprecedented rates, feeding such a large number of people becomes a challenging task, especially as we are losing fertile and arable lands to urbanization.

India, currently the second-most populous country in the world, is projected to become the first in this decade. With a rapid increase in population, urbanization, and industrialization, the pressure on agricultural infrastructure continues to grow. Vertical Farming can be an efficient solution to these challenges.

Vertical Farming is a revolutionary agricultural practice. While Vertical Farming is already present in India, it mostly involves Hydroponic and Aquaponic methods (i.e., water-based) and has many limitations, such as limited crop varieties.

AS Agri and Aqua LLP, through its continuous focus on scientific research and development, has emerged as a leader in Hi-Tech Soil-Based Vertical Farming with 50 – 60 times higher yield per acre.

With Soil-based Vertical farming, the risks posed by pests and changing weather patterns can be mitigated. Additionally, Soil-based technology ensures a higher yield in terms of quality and quantity while requiring 85% less water, 85% less labor, and 99% less soil.

AS Agri and Aqua LLP’s journey began with a mission to develop the technologically underdeveloped turmeric farming industry. It has expanded to include its mission of improving the overall lifestyle and living standards of Indian farmers and creating a more sustainable future. Starting with successfully producing high-quality turmeric in farming polyhouses, the company has demonstrated its expertise in cultivating a wide range of crops through soil-based technology, including essentials like potatoes, tomatoes, soybeans, sweet potatoes, ginger, and many more.

Key Benefits of Soil-Based Vertical Farming:

  • Year-round quality produce.
  • 50 – 60 times higher yield per acre.
  • Reduced carbon footprint.
  • Utilization of abandoned or unused properties.
  • Decreased risk from pests and changing weather patterns.
  • Minimal chances of crop failure.
  • Savings of 85% water, 85% labor, and 99% land.

With their extensive knowledge and experience, AS AGRI AND AQUA LLP continues to conduct regular training sessions and workshops to raise awareness and help farmers understand the benefits of Hi-tech soil-based Vertical farming.

In addition to hi-tech Soil-based Vertical Farming, AS AGRI AND AQUA LLP also deals with providing turnkey solutions in sectors such as Aquaculture and Fish Farming, Contract Farming, Turmeric Trading, Healthcare, Food Supplements, Rural Digital Connectivity (E-Village program), and other developmental projects and initiatives.

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