Top 7 Hair Creams in India Under ₹400

7 Top Hair Creams in India Under ₹399

Hair cream, commonly referred to as styling cream, is a versatile product designed to add natural shine to rough hair. It smoothens tamed hair, providing hold and control without weighing it down. In simple terms, hair cream effectively removes frizz and fly-aways, giving your hair a polished and well-groomed appearance. In this article, we will …

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3 Natural Homemade Shampoos for Hair Fall, Dandruff, & Healthy Hair | DIY Hair Growth Shampoos

Nourish Your Hair Naturally: Homemade Shampoos for Hair Fall, Dandruff, and Healthy Growth

In a world inundated with chemical-laden hair products, the quest for healthier, more natural alternatives has never been more pressing. Homemade shampoos offer a refreshing solution, harnessing the power of natural ingredients to nourish the hair and scalp. In this article, we explore three homemade shampoo recipes tailored to address common hair concerns such as …

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Ayurvedic Medicine and the Top 5 Herbs of Ayurveda

The Top 5 Herbs of Ayurvedic Medicine

In the realm of holistic healing, Ayurvedic medicine stands out for its profound wisdom and time-tested remedies derived from nature. Rooted in ancient Indian traditions, Ayurveda emphasizes the importance of balance and harmony in achieving optimal health and well-being. Central to Ayurvedic practice are various herbs that offer a myriad of benefits for mind, body, …

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10 Best Ayurvedic products of 2020 YOU MUST TRY!

Best Ayurvedic Products You Can Try

In this video will show you some Indian Ayurvedic beauty products and solutions that will make a huge impact on your life. Elixir Facial Serum Kimsukadi Glow Boosting Facial Oil Juicy Chemistry chilli hair oil Forest essentials sunscreen Dr.Sheths neem & BHA serum Amrutham Shampoo ENN Glaze Clarified Butter Lip Slave Balm Wild organica hair …

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