SICS Instruments   Set I SSIS-16 I  I Scientific Indian I Cataract instrument Set

The Small Incision Cataract Surgery (SICS) Instrument Set, designated as SSIS-16, comprises a comprehensive range of precision tools designed specifically for cataract surgery. Each instrument plays a crucial role in ensuring the success of the surgical procedure, aiding in everything from incision to lens implantation. Here, we provide a detailed overview of the instruments included in the SSIS-16 set and their respective uses.


  1. Castroviejo Eye Speculum

    • Use: This instrument is used to keep the eyelids apart during surgery. It provides a clear and unobstructed view of the surgical field.
    • Design: It features a spring mechanism for easy insertion and removal, ensuring patient comfort and minimal trauma to the delicate eyelid tissues.
  2. Barraquer Wire Speculum

    • Use: Similar to the Castroviejo Eye Speculum, the Barraquer Wire Speculum is used to hold the eyelids open.
    • Design: Made of fine wire, it is lightweight and provides excellent exposure with minimal pressure on the eye.
  3. McPherson’s Forceps

    • Use: These are fine, precision forceps used for handling delicate tissues and intraocular lenses during cataract surgery.
    • Design: They feature a smooth, tapered tip for careful manipulation without causing tissue damage.
  4. Lim’s Forceps

    • Use: Lim’s Forceps are specifically designed for grasping and holding the lens capsule during cataract extraction.
    • Design: These forceps have a special design that ensures a firm grip without causing tears in the capsule.
  5. Superior Rectus Forceps

    • Use: Used to hold the superior rectus muscle during ocular surgeries to stabilize the eye.
    • Design: These forceps have a toothed tip to securely hold the muscle without slipping.


  1. Castroviejo Corneal Scissors

    • Use: These are used for making precise cuts in the cornea, such as during the creation of corneal flaps or incisions.
    • Design: They have a curved, pointed tip to allow for precise and controlled cuts.
  2. Westcott Stitch Scissors

    • Use: These scissors are used for cutting sutures during and after cataract surgery.
    • Design: They feature sharp, pointed blades that ensure clean and precise cuts.
  3. Vannas Capsulotomy Scissors

    • Use: These are specialized scissors used for performing capsulotomies, where the anterior capsule of the lens is cut.
    • Design: They have small, fine tips designed to cut the delicate lens capsule with precision.


  1. Simcoe I/A Cannula 23g

    • Use: This dual-purpose cannula is used for both irrigation and aspiration during cataract surgery, particularly in the removal of cortical material.
    • Design: It features a 23-gauge size, suitable for small incisions and efficient fluid management.
  2. Rycroft Air Injection Cannula

    • Use: Used for injecting air or viscoelastic substances into the eye to maintain intraocular pressure and create space during surgery.
    • Design: This cannula has a fine, tapered tip for precise delivery of air or fluid.

Instruments for Manipulation

  1. Sinskey Lens Hook Dialer

    • Use: This instrument is used to manipulate and position the intraocular lens (IOL) during implantation.
    • Design: It has a hook at the end to gently grasp and rotate the IOL into place.
  2. Bard Parker Handle

    • Use: This handle is used to hold various surgical blades for making incisions.
    • Design: It provides a secure grip and precise control for the surgeon when making incisions.
  3. Wire Vectis Cannula

    • Use: This instrument is used for extracting the lens nucleus during cataract surgery.
    • Design: It has a looped end that helps to safely engage and remove the lens nucleus.
  4. Lewis Lens Loop

    • Use: The Lewis Lens Loop is used for manipulating and extracting the lens or fragments during surgery.
    • Design: It features a loop that gently but firmly holds the lens or fragments.
  5. Barraquer Needle Holder

    • Use: Used to hold needles during suturing in ocular surgeries.
    • Design: This needle holder has a fine, ratcheted mechanism for secure grip and precise control during suturing.

Each instrument in the SICS Instrument Set – SSIS-16 is meticulously designed to perform specific tasks with precision and efficiency. These tools are essential for cataract surgery, ensuring that procedures are carried out smoothly, with minimal trauma to the patient and optimal outcomes. By understanding the use and design of each instrument, surgeons can effectively utilize them to enhance their surgical performance and patient care.


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